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Welcome to Pureinfotech!

Pureinfotech is the Windows site for enthusiasts. It’s a website focus on helping people to get the most of their PC and mobile experience. The site offers friendly how-to guides and tips on Windows, apps, and devices (e.g., Surface, Xbox, Windows phone, tablet, laptop). We review and recommend software and hardware, and also cover useful technology news from major tech giant companies, including Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

Get ready, because when you arrive to Pureinfotech.com, you will find PC help, how-to guides and tips, technology news, videos, and personal experiences. Pureinfotech is here to help give you a better understanding on what you think is important and that is why Pureinfotech.com was created on June, 2010.

Our mission is to provide useful content to keep you informed and up-to-date on the latest version of Windows and other operating systems and gadgets.